Goals & Objectives for ITP Special Education Students

The Individual Transition Plan is the best way to guide students with disabilities.
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A well-written Individual Transition Plan is the best way to prepare students with disabilities for successful lives after they leave school. Every ITP should be unique and designed specifically for the individual student, but every plan should also address the same key areas of independent living. When writing the ITP, educators and parents should work with the student to create a plan that addresses each area.

1 Education and Training

ITP goals should be observable and measurable.
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Ideally, the ITP education and training goal should address an area of need or concern that might prevent a student from advancing. For example, if a student must complete 50 hours of community service before earning a diploma, and he has only completed 15, then the goal could be to complete 35 hours of service before the next review. Other goals could include retaking classes, maintaining an assignment calendar or completing a test preparation class.

2 Independent Living

ITP independent living goals help students achieve independence.
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The ITP independent living goal can be any measurable goal that encourages a student's independence. Goals can be money related, such as filling out fact sheets about credit card interest rates or learning how to pay a bill online. They can also focus on transportation, like learning bus routes or obtaining a driver's license. Independent living goals can even be about personal care, such as learning how to grocery shop and cook a healthful meal.

3 Community Experiences

ITP community experience goals encourage students to interact in their communities.
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The ITP community experiences goal prepares students to live and interact within their community. Good goals include completing a set number of community service hours or visiting a local homeless shelter. Students with social difficulties benefit from goals that encourage them to communicate their needs to strangers, such as waiters or shop keepers. These kinds of social goals are generally measured by observation checklists. Students with more severe disabilities can have personal hygiene and self-care goals.

4 Employment

ITP employment goals help students prepare for employment after school.
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ITP employment goals should help prepare students for employment after they finish school. For example, if the student wants to be a medical assistant, a good ITP goal would be to research three local medical assistant programs and fill out a fact sheet about each of them. The student can share these facts sheets with the teacher to prove the goal was met. ITP goals can also be written to track skills that employers seek, such as punctuality and attendance.

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