Life Skills Activities for Teens

Make sure your students understand how to budget and save money.
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Graduating from high school is an exciting time, but the formal education students have received doesn’t necessarily cover the skills they will need for daily life. Classroom activities based on real life scenarios can help equip your students for what they will face when they leave the comforts of home. This knowledge can help ease the transition into adulthood.

1 Money Matters

Having a real grasp on money is key to adult life. Have your students create a personal budget to put it into perspective, including all utilities, food, rent and clothing. Have them practice writing checks to pay bills and balance a checkbook. Instruct them to research a car purchase and calculate monthly payments. Don't forget gas and maintenance expenses. After researching all living expenses, have them calculate the amount of income they need to cover it all with a bit extra.

2 Life Situation Assessment Packet

Put together packets that cover various life scenarios. Have each student thoroughly research one scenario independently and then share the information with the class. For instance, one scenario could focus on how to deal with a flat tire and another could go through all the necessary steps needed to apply for a job, including a resume.