If you have ever wondered what people are talking about when they use some words in a sentence that seem out of place, they may have been talking pidgin. Once you learn how to speak Pidgin English, you will have a better understanding of what people are saying and be able to join the conversation. It is easier to learn by hearing the words than it is to have someone teach you from a book.

Read the word at Extreme Hawaii (See reference). Then say the word to yourself. Some words are spelled how they are pronounced.

Press the "Horn" button to hear the word. After you hear the word, you can look at the definition of what that particular word means in pidgin.

Speak the word and then use it in a sentence so that you get the feel for how the word is used. For instance, Lolo is used to describe a person that is stupid or a dummy. Therefore, you could say, "He is so Lolo at times."

Practice three minutes a day to learn words to say in pidgin. Start with a few words a day—you do not want to try to learn all of the words at the same time. Once you have mastered a few words, move on to the next batch.


  • After you learn pidgin, use it in everyday conversations and see if anyone has a clue what you are saying.