Display Board Ideas for Nursery Class

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Display boards or bulletin boards for preschoolers or nursery classrooms are a great way to keep basics presented in a fun way for young children. The display board is a silent teacher in the room, showing children valuable information they learn and absorb just by having it there. Change it every so often to keep their attention and teach new things.

1 The Basics

Many nursery-age children are learning their letters and numbers. Come up with a fun way to display these basics on the bulletin board, for instance, an animal theme. Draw your own or print pre-made graphics to help with the concept of numbers: the number one can be accompanied by a lone giraffe while the number two can be a pair of elephants, and so on up to 10. Animals also lend themselves well to an alphabet display board.

2 Art

The display board is a perfect location to show off the best of the class’ artwork. Each week, add a few of the best examples of artwork or craft projects created by the children during the week. The honor acts as a little reward of its own while encouraging children to pay attention and express their creativity artistically.

3 Reading

Each book you read to the class can be featured with its own display. A photocopy of the book’s cover and drawings of the setting, character and important plot items can be presented on the board to help children remember the story. If the story is set in a foreign locale, use the opportunity to decorate with trees and flowers of that place, along with the people one might find there. For example, a book set in Hawaii might inspire a board of palm trees, tropical flowers, and people wearing leis, sarongs, shorts and sandals.

4 Vocabulary

The display board can also be a place to draw attention to a word of the day or week. You may want to divide off a small section of the board just for this concept. Place the word up on the board, explain it to students, and have them practice using and writing the word. Depending on the word itself, there may be lots more fun activities that go along with it too. If you prefer, add another word each day throughout the week, leaving them all up there until the end of the week and then review them all with the children.

5 Seasonal

Children can learn about holidays, seasons and the other children in their class with rotating seasonal display boards. To begin the year, take photos of each child and write their name below it to help everyone learn each other’s names. These can be decorated with spring flowers or fall leaves, depending on the season. As the year progresses, decorate for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, as well as any others you want the children to learn about. (See Resources)

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