How to Deal With No Physical Contact in a Long-Distance Relationship

Text your guy caring messages to keep in contact.
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A long-distance relationship means missing the gentle way that your love brushes her hand against your shoulder, her warm hugs or simply holding her hand as you walk down the street. That said, you can find ways to deal with the lack of physical contact that living far away from one another causes. With a pinch of creativity and a mature degree of patience, you can cope with the limitations that distance creates.

1 Touch Screen

Fingerprint issues aside, you can use your laptops as a way to cope with the inability to physically touch your long-distance love. Video chatting provides a way to keep up communication for long-distance couples. While technology isn't advanced enough to truly let you feel your partner's hand or kiss his lips, you can both put your palms up to the screen while video chatting together. Although you won't have the same sensation of touch, the picture along with your partner's words can come close to making up for the lack of the real thing.

2 Before Beginning

Prior to starting he physical separation, sit down and talk about how each of you will feel about the lack of contact. Express your feelings and what you -- and your partner -- are able to handle. Doing so can help to avoid conflict or hurt feelings later on. For example, if you are an extremely affectionate person, you need to let your partner know that you find going months on end with no physical contact a problem. Talking beforehand allows both of you to come up with a game plan and know each other's limitations.

3 Make It Mental

The lack of physical contact in your long-distance romance means that you need to turn your relationship inwards. Instead of focusing on the physical side, put your efforts into building the emotional and psychological aspects of your love. Although physical contact is a key ingredient of a successful relationship, a loving partnership also includes closeness and commitment. Talk on the phone, text each other or email daily. Share your thoughts about daily life or deeper hopes and dreams to keep the emotional connection going.

4 Talking Trust

While trusting your love may have seemed like a no-brainer when the two of you were physically near each other, the long distance may make you worry. When you aren't there to hug or kiss your partner, you may begin to wonder that someone else is. Trusting each other is a key part of maintaining a successful long-distance relationship. If you can't trust your partner to not cheat from the lack of physical affection, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship. On the other hand, if the two of you trust each other, your patience will pay off in the long run.

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