Dating a guy that takes a long time to open up can be frustrating. You want to get to know him and develop a deeper relationship, but it can be like pulling teeth to get him to talk. Taking steps to make him feel comfortable can help encourage him to open up.

Conversation Tactics

Make it a point to get the conversation rolling. Ask open-ended questions that encourage him to talk. For instance, ask his opinion on which colleges he thinks are best and why. Introverted people generally spend a lot of time thinking about things and have a lot of opinions to offer but generally don't share them unless prompted, writes Sophia Dembling, author of "The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World," in the article, "How to Chat up an Introvert" on the "Psychology Today" website.

Exercise Patience

Be patient when dating a guy who takes a long time to open up. Don't pressure him to talk to you or complain that he isn't open enough. Don't fill up the quiet moments with endless chatter. Respect that different people take different lengths of time to feel comfortable enough to open up.

Location of Dates

Be conscious of the locations where you are spending time with your guy. A guy who is an introvert is also likely a people pleaser and may go along with what another person wants, even if it makes him feel uncomfortable, asserts therapist Geri Schoen in "Tips for Introverts," on the YourTango website. For instance, he may not like hanging out in loud and crowded locations, such as a concert or street festival. He may be more comfortable going on a walk or eating lunch at a quiet restaurant. The important thing is that he feels comfortable in a place, which makes it more likely that he will open up to you.

Build Trust

It's important that he feels comfortable enough with you to open up. Trust in your relationship allows him to feel a sense of ease, suggests in the article, "Your Relationship: Healthy or Unhealthy?" To build trust, be open and honest with your guy and show him that you are reliable. Don't repeat private information that he tells you or be judgmental about what he shares. As you become closer and trust is developed, he most likely will become more comfortable opening up.