While liquid makeup can instantly erase most skin flaws, it can also become a flaw itself if the color is wrong. Skin-color changes throughout the year can lead to some unfortunate makeup looks; the makeup shade that looks great in the winter months can create a ghostly pallor in summer. If you'd prefer to not buy bottle after bottle to find your perfect hue, a few mixing tricks will darken your liquid makeup without breaking the bank.

Step 1

Determine your skin undertone so you will know how to best darken your liquid makeup. Put on a white bathrobe or white clothing and wrap your hair in a white towel so that you can only see your skin. Stand in front of a mirror and determine if your skin looks more yellow, blue or green.

Step 2

Open the bottle of liquid makeup and pour it out into a bowl for easier mixing.

Step 3

Add a powdered or liquid bronzer to the bowl if you have brown skin. Add turmeric powder if you have yellow undertones. If you have blue or pink undertones, add loose pink-brown blush. You can also simply add a darker liquid makeup if you have one on hand. In general, you will add one part darkening liquid for every four parts of foundation; turmeric powder requires only a very small amount be used.

Step 4

Mix the contents of the bowl well using a small makeup brush.

Step 5

Test the makeup shade by applying a small stripe to your jaw line and examining it in the mirror. If the makeup is still too light, add more colorant just as you did before.

Step 6

Continue adding color and testing the makeup until you achieve a shade that perfectly matches your skin tone.

Step 7

Pour the newly mixed makeup into a small cosmetics jar for storage. You can also pour it back into the original jar, if applicable.