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Child writing

Primary writing paper is wide-ruled paper that children use when they are beginning writers in elementary school. With wide rows, the paper allows for bigger letters and words. You can purchase wide ruled paper and composition books from office supply stores. However, if you just need a few sheets (or you've run out of paper), you can create your own customized ruled paper using Microsoft Word 2007.

Click on the Home tab

Click on the "Home" tab.

Click the Justify'' button

Click the "Justify" button (in the paragraph section). Alternatively, press "Control" and "J" together.

Click in the font size box

Click in the font size box and change the font size to 14.


Type a line of underscores on your document by pressing the "shift" and "_" key together. Hold down these keys until a complete line is typed.

Select the line of underscores from step four

Select the line of underscores from step four by left clicking twice on the line.

Click Ctrl and C

Click "Ctrl" and "C" together to copy the line.

Click Ctrl

Click "Ctrl" and "V" together to paste the line on the next blank line.

Repeat step seven

Repeat step seven until you have the desired amount of lines for your writing paper.


  • Change the color of your lines to a more subtle color (like gray or light blue), so that the black lines don't swamp the page and waste too much ink.