What Color Bra Doesn't Show Through Anything?

White may be basic, but it isn't always a no-show choice.
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From fitted T-shirts to sheer, flowing tops, bra peek-through can be a significant wardrobe problem. No woman wants her bra to show under her blouse, dress or tank. Whether you're worried about a school dress code or simple fashion rules, the right bra color keeps your underwear undercover, regardless of what you're wearing.

1 Nude Bras

The solution to a no-show bra color is to opt for a nude bra, or one that matches the color of your skin. If you're quite fair, your shade of nude may be a pale, peachy pink, while a rich chocolate may be your nude if you have a darker complexion. The traditional beige-toned nude works best for medium complexions. The closer the color is to your skin, the less it shows through your clothing, whether you're wearing dark or light colors. Fortunately, many companies now make nude bras in shades to match every skin tone, allowing your bra to disappear.

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