How to Clear the Cache on an LG Optimus Phone

Try clearing cache files before performing a hard reset to fix minor glitches.
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Everything you do on your LG Optimus smartphone -- play games, for example, browse the Web or read your email -- leaves behind a small bit of data on the device. While this cache of files helps your Optimus process that activity more efficiently next time, it takes up valuable memory space and may prompt minor glitches like frozen screens or slow load times. Regularly clearing out these caches can help free up some space for other content -- like photos and more apps -- and may also help improve your phone's performance.

Swipe downward on the Notifications bar and tap the "Settings" gear icon.

Tap "More" and select "Storage," then tap on "Cached Data" and approve the deletion of all app cache files. If you prefer to delete specific app files, on the other hand, you can select "Application Data" instead of "Cached Data," then tap the application you want to manage and select "Clear Cache."

Navigate back to the Home screen and launch your Web browser.

Press the "Menu" button. If you use the standard Android browser, select "History," then press "Menu" again and tap "Clear History." If you use the Chrome browser instead, tap "History" and then tap "Clear Browsing Data."

Navigate back to the Home screen and launch the Google Play Store app.

Press "Menu," select "Settings" and then tap "Clear Search History."

  • Information in this article applies to devices running Android 4.2 or higher. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.
  • There are a number of third-party cleaner apps that will clear cache and history files for you. The App Cache Cleaner app, for example, focuses solely on deleting your app cache files and can be configured to complete the process on a preset schedule. The History Eraser does the same for both history and cache files. The 1-Click Cleaner app is an all-around maintenance app; in addition to giving you one-tap clearing of your device's various cache and history files, the app also performs regular device maintenance -- like clearing your call and message logs, backing up application files and killing background tasks.

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