Becoming a helicopter pilot can lead to a number of exciting career opportunities. From flying emergency victims to hospitals to patrolling police choppers over the city, a helicopter license can lead to stable employment and a lucrative income. High school students can prepare for helicopter pilot's school by taking relative classes containing the knowledge and skills required for the challenge. To really get a head start, try to get into AP classes if possible.


Math is an essential skill needed to become a helicopter pilot. Pilots use math to track coordinates and configure fuel tanks. They rely on basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division during every flight by calculating the weight of the helicopter, passengers and the cargo for specific flight distances. Flight instructor Michael D. Warren’s syllabus for pilot training reveals the math courses needed to master and safely fly helicopters: algebra, equations, variations, and logarithmic and trigonometric functions. You can prepare for pilot school by taking algebra, trigonometry and calculus to fulfill these requirements.


To be a helicopter pilot you will want to master the English language while in high school. According to MyMajors, a career as a helicopter pilot requires a good knowledge of the structure and content of the English language with special attention to the rules of composition, grammar and the spelling of words. By taking advanced placement English courses you will learn to write and think more critically at a higher level by writing essays and papers that meet a higher standard.


Taking some geography classes will help you learn the principals and methods for describing land and sea features, as well as air masses. You will learn about their physical characteristics, locations and interrelationships. Not only will geography help you learn the terms of land formations needed by helicopter pilots for communication purposes, you will need to know this information to pass the computerized test if you are going into pilot training with no previous experience.


If you can take physics in high school you will be more prepared for helicopter pilot school. Helicopter pilots face sudden wind shifts that affect the performance of the helicopter. Knowing how to maneuver in various conditions requires a strong knowledge of physics. The physical principals, laws and their interrelationships are vital to flying. You will also be expected to understand the atmospheric dynamics and mechanical, atomic and sub-atomic structures of the aircraft and its flying processes.