Do Guys Regret Cheating?

Guys' reasons for cheating often determine whether they feel guilty about cheating.
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How guys feel about cheating often brings up complex reasons. This is because motivations for cheating are equally complex, explains psychologist Jay Kent-Ferraro in "Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater... Maybe Not," published in "Psychology Today." Kent-Ferraro states that guys cheat for many reasons -- some planned, some unplanned. Ultimately, whether a guy regrets his affair depends on his motivations, character and mental health.

1 To Regret or Not to Regret?

Guys who regret cheating may be the type of men described by Kent-Ferraro as having "accidental affairs." These affairs are unplanned and may stem from a guy not thinking about the consequences of his actions. Likewise, the affair can stem from bad decision-making skills, social worker Michele Weiner-Davis tells WebMD in a feature article written by Heather Hatfield. Also, men with untreated emotional issues may act impulsively, may cheat and then later regret their choices once they see the effects of their actions. Some guys, however, do not feel guilty about cheating. These men might blame their partner for not meeting their needs. Other men may justify their behavior by professing love for the other woman and see the affair as a step toward a more desirable relationship. Additionally, Kent-Ferraro explains that men with poor mental health, patterns of lying and other problematic psychological behaviors may cheat and feel little remorse for their hurtful choices.

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