How to Build or Make a Ghost Box

Some believe that a ghost box can receive messages from spirits, ghosts or demons.

A ghost box is a device used by paranormal investigators to channel inaudible voices from what they believe might be ghosts, spirits or demons. The device is based on an ordinary AM/FM radio, which ghost hunters believe paranormal entities can use to "build" audible sounds out of parts of transmissions from regular AM and FM radio stations. Paranormal investigators believe that ghost boxes can be used to hear messages that normally would be inaudible to the human ear.

Unscrew the back of your AM/FM radio and locate the wire that controls the AM/FM automatic tuning function. This is the function that makes your radio tuning sweep stop when it picks up an AM or FM radio transmission. The wire you need to cut will depend on the radio model you are using.

Close the back of your radio and screw it shut. Then test the AM/FM tune sweep function. By holding down the tune button, it should sweep completely through either the AM or FM frequency band without stopping on a specific station. You should still be able to manually tune it to a specific radio station by entering the exact radio frequency you wish to listen to.

Put the batteries into your amplified speakers and connect your amplified speakers to the headphone socket of your AM/FM radio. Tune your AM/FM radio to a specific radio station with the manual tuning function. Turn on your amplified speakers. You should be able to hear the audio from the radio station through the amplified speakers.

Turn on your digital voice recorder. You will use this to record the noises coming from your powered speakers and your own voice. Adjust the settings to ensure there is no feedback coming through and that you can clearly hear both the noise from the speakers and your own voice. The digital recorder, amplified speakers and modified AM/FM radio together make up what is known as a "ghost box."

Use the ghost box in a location in which you believe you might be able to pick up paranormal messages. Begin by turning on your digital recorder and testing it to ensure you are picking up sound clearly. Then turn on the volume of your AM/FM radio and press and hold down the auto-tune button. This will start the tune sweep function and you will hear snippets of audio as the radio cycles through the AM or FM frequency bands.

Ask questions out loud to try and "communicate" with any entity capable of giving you a message. Ask simple questions at first, like "Is there anybody there?" or "Who are you?" Leave about 20 seconds between questions for any possible answers. You probably will not hear any response, but some ghost box users have reported actually hearing audible responses to their questions and engaged in "conversations" through the ghost box.

Download the audio of your ghost box session from the digital recorder and open it in your audio editing software. Using headphones, listen to the audio from your session. You may hear messages or snippets of speech in the radio static you recorded from your amplified speakers. Use your audio editing software to copy and paste these snippets of speech from your recorded audio and use filters to edit them to make any recorded audio clearer.

  • Recording and playing back "ghost" messages can be extremely creepy, especially when you successfully record audible speech with no apparent or logical source. Using a ghost box is not recommended for those of a nervous disposition.
  • Some ghost box users recommend tune sweeping AM frequencies rather than FM frequencies for a higher chance of recording audible messages.

Roland Hulme began writing in 1990. He is a contributor to "Jacques Magazine," "Wine Portfolio," "Renaissance Magazine" and many other publications. Hulme has a joint honors Bachelor of Arts in history and English literature from St. David's University.