An arts and crafts bag can come in handy whenever your kid feels creative.

Most kids love to roll up their sleeves and get busy creating. With a variety of mediums available, from paint to glitter glue to crayons, you can while away the hours with a little artist. Whether you’re looking for art on-the-go, or you want a different way to organize supplies, you might try putting together a kids’ arts and crafts bag to hold all those artistic treasures. Whenever your little Monet feels inspired, he can grab his bag and dig right in.

Dump a set of sturdy crayons into a small plastic container with a lid. Do the same thing with the colored pencils in another plastic container. Grab one more container and toss the markers in that one. Place the containers in the canvas bag. Now your youngster has plenty of ways to create different works of art.

Stick the safety scissors and the glue stick into another container and toss that container into the canvas bag, too.

Choose two sturdy folders to hold paper neatly. Place plain white paper and colored construction paper in one folder. Save the other folder to hold finished creations safely. The folders will keep papers from heartbreaking wrinkles and tears while in the bag.

Toss in a sketch book, a few coloring books, some stickers and even some stamp pads and stamps for fast activities to keep a little mind and little fingers busy.

Add the travel baby wipes for fast clean-ups on the go.

Things Needed

  • ['Large canvas bag (with handles)', 'Small plastic containers', 'Crayons', 'Colored pencils', 'Washable markers', 'Safety scissors', 'Glue stick', '2 sturdy folders', 'White paper', 'Colored paper', 'Sketch book', 'Coloring books', 'Stickers', 'Stamp pads and stamps', 'Travel baby wipes']


  • A canvas grocery bag would be ideal for using as a kids’ arts and crafts bag. These bags are inexpensive and roomy enough to carry every artistic essential. Feel free to add messier mediums, if you dare. A set of water color paints or glitter glue would appeal to just about any kid. These materials aren’t ideal for on-the-go crafting, though. Adding these messy mediums would be suitable for an arts and crafts bag that your youngster digs into at home.


  • The KinderArt website warns parents about the importance of choosing art supplies designed specifically for kids. Read labels carefully and always toss non-toxic materials into your shopping cart.