Apple Internet Box is Blinking Amber & Needs to Be Green

A blinking amber light can indicate a connection issue, preventing you from using Wi-Fi.
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Apple sells two routers, the AirPort Express and the AirPort Extreme, which both use the same light indicator systems. Your AirPort will display specific colors that correspond with different statuses. A solid green light indicates that your router is working correctly. A flashing amber light can indicate that your router is unable to connect to your Internet network, due to hardware or software issues. You can take a few steps to isolate the issue and correct it, such as checking your corded connections, resetting your modem and checking AirPort Utility for notifications.

1 Examine Your Hardware

Check your modem and make sure all the plug connections are snug. The modem should be powered on. Check your Ethernet cable to see if it is plugged into the correct port on your Apple AirPort router. The Ethernet cable from your modem should be plugged into the WAN port on your router, which is marked with a circular icon composed of small dots. The AirPort should be plugged into your wall outlet.

2 Resetting Connections

If your AirPort continues to flash an amber colored light, try resetting your modem. Examine your model for a tiny reset button or unplug it from power for a couple of seconds. The modem might take a few minutes to reconnect to your Internet service.

3 Checking AirPort Utility

Download the AirPort Utility for Windows application from Apple's support website (link in Resources). This software allows you to configure your router and wireless network from your PC. Install and launch the software, and it will automatically detect your AirPort device. Double-click your base station icon and select the amber status icon. AirPort Utility will show a list of errors that you must address before the status is marked with a green light. These issues can range from hardware problems to software conflicts.

4 Updating Your Firmware

Apple periodically releases important firmware upgrades for your AirPort router, which can improve security and performance. Your AirPort might flash an amber light if it needs to be updated. Launch AirPort Utility and examine your AirPort device icon. If it has a red number badge next to it, then an update is available for your router. Click on the AirPort device icon and select "Install Updates." Your Wi-Fi will be temporarily unavailable until the update is complete.

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