A Mother's Duties in the Baptist Church

Church mothers are often actual mothers and grandmothers.
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Baptist Church Mothers serve primarily a supportive, caretaking role for the pastor, young congregants, and church families. They are generally mature older women with many years of experience and service in the church. While Mothers' specific duties differ from church to church, they usually fill many of the same roles.

1 Assisting the Pastor

A Mother in the Baptist Church is expected to assist the pastor with various tasks, including ministering to the church's young congregants, providing representation during church activities and attending to the pastor's wardrobe; for example, cleaning his robes. A Church Mother also prays for the pastor and communicates with the church deacons to ensure that he has everything he needs for ministry. If problems arise within or among the congregation, a Church Mother brings those problems to the pastor's attention.

2 Leading by Example

Baptist Church Mothers set an example for younger congregants (especially women) in a number of ways. For example, they may dress in a certain way to demonstrate appropriately conservative Christian attire. Church Mothers also refrain from gossiping and idleness and aspire to Christlike character and actions in all circumstances. Additionally, Church Mothers are expected to raise their children to be godly and to act with integrity.

3 Outreach

Some Baptist Church Mothers belong to a Mothers' Ministry within their church that focuses on community outreach and ministry. For example, Church Mothers may visit nursing homes, people who are too sick to come to church, orphanages or women's shelters to spread the message of Christ and to lend a caring hand to the disadvantaged. They are also responsible for reaching out to church and community youth to provide guidance and love.

4 Administrative & Financial

Depending on the size of the church staff, some Baptist Church Mothers assist with keeping church records, paying church bills, and helping with church maintenance. All Mothers are expected to pay tithes (defined by the Baptist Church as 10 percent of one's income) and to encourage congregants to do the same. If a special offering is taken or a church fundraiser is held, Mothers are expected to contribute financially to it also.

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