3 Signs That Indicate Your Ex Still Loves You

Getting you your favorite snack might be an indication he still cares.
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Breakups are always hard, and it is normal for each of you to struggle with moving on following the end of a relationship. Sometimes though, moving on never actually happens, and one or both people continue to hold out hope for reconciliation. If your ex has been hovering around, giving you the feeling that he still cares, it is possible your inclinations are correct. Here are three surefire signs that the love may still be there.

1 Striving for Jealousy

An ex who is making a show of trying to make you jealous is likely still holding a torch for you. Someone who loads up her social media accounts with pictures of all the fun she is having, or who constantly brags about how much better off she is single, may be compensating for something. Particularly if many of these proclamations seem to be thrown in your direction, your ex may not be as happy as she is trying to convince you she is. Remember, if your ex truly was having the time of her life, she wouldn’t be wasting precious seconds rubbing all that fun in your face. Someone who has truly moved on isn’t concerned about making sure her ex knows it.

2 Spontaneous Gestures

When your ex spontaneously shows up to do nice things for you, it can be a sign that there is still love there for you, explains social psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D., in the "Psychology Today" article "Does He Love Me? I Want to Know. (And Here's How to Tell.)" An ex-boyfriend who insists on changing your oil or remembers to send flowers for your mother’s birthday isn’t simply a nice guy; he is a nice guy still carrying around feelings for you.

3 Checking In

An ex who asks your friends about you and keeps tabs on your accomplishments hasn’t stopped caring. If people keep telling you that she has been bringing up your name, always in a good light, it can be a pretty clear indication that she has yet to move on. Even more telling than what she is saying to your friends is what her friends are saying to you. If they are asking about the status of your relationship, it is likely because she hasn’t been able to stop talking about you.

4 What to Do Next

If it seems as though your ex is striving for jealousy, spontaneously being good to you or regularly talking about you, it is possible feelings are still there. As you try to decide how you feel about that, you might want to think about how often your old flame has been on your mind as well. Perhaps you are both still holding onto what could have been, in which case it might be time to consider reconciliation.

Living in Alaska, Leah Campbell has traveled the world and written extensively on topics relating to infertility, dating, adoption and parenting. She recently released her first book, and holds a psychology degree (with an emphasis in child development and abnormal child psychology) from San Diego State University.