Holding on to a prayer bracelet as you spend time in meditation or wearing a bracelet throughout the day serves as a reminder of reasons to pray. Such bracelets also help keep you on a daily prayer schedule. There are no actual rules for using one of these bracelets in your daily or weekly prayer life. There are, however, pointers that make the bracelet more than just a piece of jewelry that you just grasp while saying some words or spending time in contemplation and prayer.

Choose a prayer bracelet that serves your specific intentions. For example, choose a bracelet that has several types of charms if praying about more than one person or reason. This allows you to associate each charm for each person or intention.

Spend some time in reflection before starting your prayer. Meditate on the specific reasons you are praying while holding the bracelet.

Hold the “top” or highest bead on the bracelet when starting your prayer. Move down the bracelet as you switch to different topics or people during your prayer.

Say a short prayer during the day whenever you touch the bead on the bracelet that corresponds with an intention. This keeps that idea on your mind throughout the day.


  • Use a prayer bracelet so you don't lose your place during longer prayers, such as when saying certain Catholic or Muslim prayers, although some prayers call for a specific number and layout of beads.

    Remember that there is no right way to use a prayer bracelet. The bracelet is to simply keep specific individuals or intentions on your mind throughout a day. Use the bracelet in your prayer life however you see fit.