During the course of your time in school, you are most likely going to write your fair share of reflective reports and papers. You can write a reflective paper about almost anything, from a movie or book to your time in school. Your teacher or whomever is reading the paper is looking more for your personal output than specific research or the opinions of other individuals.

Begin with your initial thoughts about the topic. If you are writing a reflective paper about your experiences in Disney World, for example, write what you thought your trip was going to be like before you went.

Follow up with your first reaction as to what happened. What was your first memory of the park or what really caught your attention when you entered Disney World?

State what you really enjoyed about the event. Write what made it all worth while (if anything) and if it would be worth doing again.

Describe what you didn't like. Explain what made you cringe and what you completely hated about your topic. Make sure to tell why you disliked it so much.

Explain what your final impression of the task or event was. When you were leaving Disney World, what was the last thing you thought of? Was it how much you will miss the park or how you were glad it's over? These are important points to think about.

Bring to close your reflective report with a brief summary, restating your key points and overall why you did or did not like your task.