How to Write a Class Report

Writing a good class report is simple if you follow the correct steps.

Writing a class report is a skill with many uses in academia and life in general. Most classes in school will require a written report of some kind, as will many jobs. Knowing the steps of how to produce quality reports is a lifelong skill that can benefit you in many areas of life and school.

Make a schedule of progress. Avoid procrastination by plotting out a timetable of tasks needed for completion of your report. Write down when you will do research, when you will write a first draft, when you will have a final product, and when the report is due. It is better to make a hard copy because it not only reminds you of the due dates but it keeps you accountable. Stick to this schedule.

Make an outline of your report. Include a strong thesis statement, an introduction, at least two paragraphs that support your introduction, and a conclusion. Check your assignment to make sure your outline includes all points that are mandatory.

Research your subject. Include quotes and references, being careful to cite them properly within your report. Excellent references can make for an excellent assignment.

Write a first draft of your report. Follow the writing prompt and your outline. Cite references to make your points stronger.

Proofread your paper. Check for any awkward phrases or spelling errors. Give a copy of your report to two friends and have them proofread it.

Make any edits to your first draft and print out a final copy of your report. Make one final check for spelling and grammar. Check your writing prompt and be sure that your paper conforms with the guidelines. Also make sure that your references are cited correctly.

  • Plan your schedule out in advance of any deadlines. Do not leave all of your work for the last minute.

Biju Sukumaran graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in philosophy and religious studies. He has been published in "Agora," Texas A&M's journal for humanities and has written freelance Web content for a year, writing everything from travel articles for hotels to fire safety articles. He has taught philosophy, ethics, social science, religious studies, and English conversation and writing classes.