Even though you may use your debit card every day for most of your purchases, there are still many instances in which you must write a check, such as paying bills or the rent. Knowing how to write a check is an essential skill, but don't forget to pay your bills on time.

Step 1

Use blue or black ink to write your check. Don't use pencil or erasable ink.

Step 2

Write the current date on the upper right hand line of the check reserved for the date.

Step 3

Print the name of the company or person to whom you owe money on the left hand line directly underneath your address. This line is usually titled: "Pay to the Order of."

Step 4

Fill in the numerical amount of money you owe in the box next to whom you owe the money. Use numbers such as "50.00" or "123.50," for example. You don't need to write the dollar sign because it is already printed on the check. Write the decimal and two zeros if it is an even amount.

Step 5

Write the numerals out in words on the line directly underneath the payee information. Put the cents over 100. For example, "One hundred twenty three dollars and 50/100." You may draw a straight line to fill up the rest of this area if your writing doesn't fill up the entire line.

Step 6

Make memo of what the check is for on the lower left hand side line. This is where you may write your account number for your bill.

Step 7

Sign your name on the bottom right side line.