He brings you a latte at work. He calls to remind you that your favorite band is playing next Thursday. Clearly, he wants to be friends, but you are hoping for something more. Knowing how to read his intentions is easy when you know what signs to look for. The real trick is accepting the truth in case you figure out he's not that into you, so you can move on and find someone else.

The Friend Zone

A guy might single you out for conversation, but one of the telltale signs that he views you as "just friends" is he treats you as a confidante, expecting you to listen and give advice while he talks about other women. Guys who like you are focused on you alone. If you find yourself giving relationship advice to a guy who asks you out to coffee, there is a pretty good chance you are in the friend zone.

Potential for Romance

Guys who are interested in you generally exhibit clear behavior. They make frequent and prolonged eye contact. They initiate plans and call you after a date to see how you are doing. They reserve weekend nights for you and introduce you to their friends. They laugh at your jokes and reference you in general conversation, acknowledging something positive that you did. Around you, they put aside the "bro" act and let their guard down. You feel comfortable and secure around them; you know where you stand because he tells you how he feels.

Room for Ambiguity

There are men who fail to take the initiative romantically. These men can be so fearful of rejection that they act distant when you see them out somewhere or meet them at a gathering. Meeting a shy guy in his element and making it clear that he is important to you, however, allows him to feel comfortable and open up, reports Chelsea Kaplan for CNN.com. If a guy remains aloof under all circumstances, he may be shy, but he probably isn't into you.

Time to Move On

Men want to have platonic friendships with women, and these relationships can work, says social psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in his "Psychology Today" article, "Can Men and Women Be 'Just Friends'?" But for a relationship between a man and a woman to be successful, they need to have shared expectations. You will never win a man who doesn't like you by treating him like a boyfriend -- in fact, that is a recipe for driving him away. Once you have made your feelings clear, you need to step back and let him go. If he ever changes his mind, he knows where to find you. Meanwhile, it is time for you to play the field.