The medal of valor awards bravery.

The medal of valor is one of the greatest honors bestowed upon a person. Although people in certain professions risk their life every day to protect the public, some people show exceptional commitment to their job and the public.


Members of the US military, state militias and public safety officers are eligible for the medal of valor when then display an act of courage that goes beyond the nature of their duty.


For officers of the law and public servants, the medal of valor is the highest honor they can achieve.

Receiving One

At the national level, the President decides who receives the medal of valor, but recommendations are made by the nominee's superiors and submitted to the Medal of Valor Review Board. At the the state level, governors usually bestow medals upon the recommendation of medal of valor committees.


Usually, a person may receive a medal valor even if they perished during their heroic act, however, the person making the nomination must make it clear that he wishes for a posthumous award.


For the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the Department of Justice usually sets the application deadline around the end of July each year.