What Are the Five AA Slogans?

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Alcoholics Anonymous is an international group for people seeking help for their drinking problems. The fellowship, as it is called, uses meetings where those battling alcoholism may share stories to relate to one another along with 12 steps to fight the addiction to alcohol. There are hundreds of slogans members use to help maintain sobriety, but some are more common than others.

1 Easy Does It

The slogan "easy does it" is meant to remind one to relax. Don't let anxiety and worry bring you down. The idea is to keep calm and not give into pressures that could lead to relapsing into drinking. The slogan is meant to be a sort of mantra to help calm the body, which in turn is supposed to help correct the mindset.

2 First Things First

Another slogan aimed at calming the worrying mind is "first things first." The core concept to this saying is that every journey starts with a single footstep. There is no need to stress about everything ahead of you. Instead, focus on the moment in front of you. The goal is to help an alcoholic stay focused and in the moment, working to maintain sobriety.

3 Live and Let Live

Achieving and maintaining sobriety comes with particular challenges of many kinds, predominantly learning how to do so while interacting with the rest of the world. Outside influences, friends, family and coworkers likely are not participating in the lifestyle a recovering alcoholic is working toward. "Live and let live" is meant to remind one that his focus should be on himself and his sobriety. One cannot control the lifestyles of others and so should not be influenced by them.

4 But for the Grace of God

"But for the Grace of God" is a proverb of humility meant to remind the speaker that things could be worse, yet a higher power is helping to guide her fate in a better direction. The slogan often is used as recognition that another person's tragedy could have been her own as well if not for the grace of God.

5 One Day at a Time

Perhaps the most logical and still most important slogan for the recovering alcoholic is "one day at a time." This saying is meant to be a mantra to remind one that his sobriety is now, in the moment. It is another slogan to help with a worried mind and to reassure the person that the sobriety accomplished today is more important than the fears of tomorrow.

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