Running Windows Media Center in full screen mode gives you an experience comparable to watching a regular TV, allowing you to view video content without being distracted by your computer's desktop background. Connecting a second monitor while running in full screen mode gives you additional flexibility, enabling you to mirror the content of your main monitor on a second display or set up a second desktop to work from while you view content. Windows 8 allows you to control dual-monitor operation through its built-in Project menu.

Step 1

Connect both monitors to your computer.

Step 2

Point your mouse pointer at the bottom right corner of the desktop and then swipe upwards to open the Charms bar. Click “Devices” and then “Project” to open the Project menu.

Step 3

Select “Duplicate These Displays” from the Multiple Displays drop-down menu to have the second monitor mirror the content of the first monitor. Alternatively, select “Show Desktop Only On 1” to set the monitors up as two separate displays.

Step 4

Open Windows Media Center. If you selected “Show Desktop Only On 1” from the Project menu, click and drag to move the Windows Media Center window over to your secondary display.

Step 5

Select the file you wish to view and then press “Alt-Enter” on the keyboard to switch Media Center to fullscreen mode. If you have set your monitors to duplicate each other the content will play fullscreen on both monitors simultaneously. If you are running separate monitors then Windows Media Center will run in full screen on one of the displays, leaving the other display free.