Rose Quartz is used to encourage self-love, love of others and compassion. It is a wonderful choice for opening the heart to love. Rose Quartz has to do with wisdom and faith. Great dedication, inner strength and a sense of purpose are a few attributes of this stone. It aids healing of depression, blood circulation, heart fortification, sexual problems and encourages fertility. It is believed to prevent wrinkles and encourage a beautiful complexion.

Rose Quartz aids in healing or controlling the circulatory systems, particularly blood pressure problems. Carry or wear it near your heart.

Put a piece of Rose Quartz in a bowl of water and use it to rinse your face twice a day. It will increase circulation to the skin and give you a beautiful complexion.

Rose Quartz is said to encourage fertility. Wear Rose Quartz if you are trying to become pregnant, and keep a piece of it in your drinking glass.

Rose Quartz will accomplish the dual purposes of encouraging both humility and self love. Rose Quartz is a stone that everyone should have on them at all times.


  • If you experience anxiety or restlessness, or physical symptoms, like nausea, you may want to cut back your exposure.

  • If you are sensitive, try using only single stones, and not combinations.

  • Rose Quartz is one stone that is almost never known to cause problems. If you do have a reaction, try carrying ONLY Rose Quartz for a few days.


  • Rose Quartz combines well everything.

  • Try combining these minerals in bracelets or necklaces.

  • Combine pieces in a pouch and wear them, or just tuck them in your pocket.