Patchouli Magical Uses

Patchouli is a member of the mint family that comes from Malaysia. It has a strong, memorable odor that some find too strong while others feel evokes emotions of nostalgia, passion and relaxation. Because of the peculiar aroma of patchouli, practitioners of witchcraft use the herb in two forms--dried leaves or essential oils--for many of their spells.

1 Money and Prosperity

The most popular magical uses for patchouli are the different money spells. Legend has it that Saturn, the god of hard-earned gains and limitations, governs patchouli, and all spells should be cast on Saturday, the day of Saturn.

The first money patchouli spell is a mental spell, which requires users to place patchouli leaves or oil in their wallet and envision the wallet bursting with money.

Another spell is the money growth spell. Members of Free Witchcraft Spells, an online organization providing information for budding witches, directs those seeking monetary riches to gather a healthy potted houseplant, a coin and patchouli leaves. To cast the spell, sprinkle patchouli leaves onto the soil of the potted plant and then press a coin halfway into the soil where the patchouli leaves are. When extra money is gained, remove the coin from the soil and spend it. To keep the spell continuous, users must insert a new coin whenever the old one is spent.

A third spell using patchouli is for prosperity. Users either place patchouli oils or leaves around the base of a green candle or hollow out and fill the bottom of a green candle with patchouli leaves. The candle is then burnt completely.

2 Love and Lust

Patchouli has a thick, alluring aroma and is commonly used for lust and love spells. Magic users consider it a female plant and an aphrodisiac. Patchouli is said to attract eccentric people and invite lust-filled attractions rather than potential long-term romances. Toni Burnett, a professional spiritual adviser, recommends that seekers of pure love should couple patchouli leaves with rose petals in a sachet.

Patchouli leaves are also used in combination with other herbs and stones in spells to ease a broken heart.

3 Fertility

Patchouli falls under the earth category for spell-based herbs and is used in many fertility spells. Although it's not the primary ingredient for fertility spells, patchouli is used to anoint candles and added to bathwater to ritually bathe the body for anointing. In most fertility spells, patchouli is coupled with sandalwood incense.

4 Other Spells

Patchouli is frequently used in combination with other oils and flowers for many different types of spells. According to Lady Morgana’s online classroom where she teaches witchcraft to students, patchouli is in spells to gain or develop self-confidence and to obtain protection from a variety of threats. It is even used in spells to receive legal help and positive court rulings.