How to Use CC on a Business Letter

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Back in the day when people were reliant on typewriters and carbon paper, they used the notation “cc” at the bottom of a letter to denote who was receiving a carbon copy. Technology has rendered typewriters and carbon paper practically obsolete, but the notation has survived. While some people still use the term “carbon copy,” “cc” more commonly means “courtesy copy.” Place it at the very bottom of a business letter to alert the recipient about who else will receive a copy.

1 Follow the Format

The “cc” notation is an attention-getter, falling below the “Enclosure” designation, if there is one. Place it on the very next line and type “cc:” followed by one space. Then type the name of the person who will receive a copy of the letter. You might wish to include the person's title as well, as a courtesy, especially if you believe the recipient does not know the person's identity. If more than one person will receive a copy of the letter, type that person's name one line below, aligned with the name of the first person.

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