Types of Architecture Courses

Architecture focuses on the design and development of residential and commercial structures.

Students enrolled in an architecture program learn about the organization of empty space through the use of materials. Architecture courses combine the aspects of arts and sciences, and students learn how to design buildings and other structures. Besides learning about the styles and methods of architectural design, students develop an understanding of architectural history.

1 Architectural Design

An architectural design course familiarizes students with the principles of architectural design and teaches them about the relationships between composition, light, space and form. Students learn about spatial concepts, design solutions, abstract and simple spaces, and model making. Focus may also be placed on interior construction in architecture.

2 Architectural Building Technology

An architectural building technology course teaches students about the technical issues involved in constructing a building. Students gain a fundamental understanding of the physics and architectural components related to building technology. The course also educates students on the aesthetic, safety and economic requirements involved in architectural design.

3 History of Architecture

Students enrolled in a history of architecture course explore the history of architecture from ancient to modern times. The course teaches students about the social and cultural context of the built world and illuminates people who changed, shaped and preserved structures. Additional topics include the relationship between buildings and architectural contexts, architecture technology and urban development.

4 Materials and Methods of Building Construction

A materials and methods of building construction course focuses on the key principles of construction from the bottom of the building to the roof. The course teaches students about the use of heavy frames, composites and light timber to create shade, keep weather out and allow light inside.

5 Architecture and the Enviornment

An architecture and the environment course introduces students to energy conservation and creating cost-effective and environmentally safe architectural designs. Students learn about energy dependence and using materials to lower energy costs. Opportunities are also available for students to learn about the environmental and economic issues involved in designing affordable housing and following regulatory developments.

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