Traditional Thank You Gifts for a Russian

Russia is rich in history and culture.
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Like many cultures across the globe, Russians enjoy giving and receiving gifts. Thank you gifts are appropriate for occasions such as visiting a person's home or attending a private dinner party. However, it is important to be aware of certain gifts that should not to be given to Russians.

1 Thanking Your Russian Hosts

Giving expensive gifts is the norm in Russia.
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Social etiquette in Russia calls for giving gifts to your hosts when invited to certain occasions. Selecting an appropriate gift will go a long way in demonstrating respect and showing appreciation. When visiting a Russian's home take a gift of flowers for women who will be present, but ensure the flowers are not yellow or red, and that there is not an even number of flowers; an even number of flowers is something you bring to funerals, not to hosts. It is culturally inappropriate to give flowers to men. Gifts of chocolate and expensive wines are customary. Do not bring cheap gifts as Russians are known for giving expensive gifts. If young children will be present, bring along a small toy or treat. Avoid giving thank you cards, which are considered impractical.

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