Third Grade Student Council Speech Ideas

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In third grade, students are gaining awareness of their voice as individuals and learning to think in abstracts. This is also a time when third-graders, typically 8 years old, may find causes that are important to them, including the responsibilities that come with student council leadership positions. Help your third-grade student find a topic of interest to focus on in his speech to classmates.

1 Improving Cafeteria Lunch Options

Students can help their schools choose healthy menus

With the U.S. Congress focused on the state of our nation's school lunch options, cafeteria reform is a topic of interest to students. A speech focused on the pros and cons of changes to the school diet allows students an opportunity to realize they can take part in the discussion and collaborate with their school to make healthier and tastier choices.

2 Creative Alternatives to Detention

Get creative and make a plan to present in your speech.

Show the students your creativity. Detention is a form of punishment that leaves students bored and wastes the time of the teachers who supervise them. What alternatives are there for discipline within schools that engage the students and assist the school in its goals?

3 Creating a School Garden

Students take pride in growing their own food.

Education is about more than learning facts, and suggesting the creation of a school garden encourages fellow students to become engaged in the care of their school. Do research about what it would take, and present your plan within your speech. Another benefit of a school garden: fresh, healthy foods at low cost for the school cafeteria.

4 Starting a Composting Program

A compost program: little effort, big change

Many schools in the United States already have a recycling program, but does your school compost? Promising to establish a compost program shows a commitment to the world outside the school, and teaches environmental justice ideas to fellow students. By working with your school to compost food waste from the cafeteria, your entire school will be taking part in reducing landfills and improving the health of the local environment.

5 Support a Favorite Extracurricular Activity

Get excited about a school team or event to gain votes.

Whether your school gets excited about its soccer team, or loves its annual harvest party, show support for its favorite program. Explain your strategy to improve an annual event or fund-raise for the school's favorite sports team, and the students will want you as their representative.

Raven Jennifer Demers has more than 20 years experience as a published writer, editor and poet. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in sociocultural anthropology at the University of Washington. In 2001 she received certification as an Usui Reiki Master and spiritual consultant.