Things to Put in Letterheads

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Letterhead is used to provide essential information in correspondence. Whether the letterhead is created for personal or business use, there are several items that must be included.

1 Name

Your name or the name of your business should be at the top of the letterhead. This gives the recipient of the letter an instant idea of who the letter is from and helps the reader begin to understand what the letter is about.

2 Address

The reader needs to know where you are and how to reply to your letter. Your address is critical.

3 Phone Number

Should the recipient of your letter wish to resolve the problem or issue you are writing about, they may prefer to call you. Including your phone number in the letterhead is very important.

4 E-mail and Website

In the electronic age, many people prefer to communicate via e-mail and websites. Including your web address and e-mail address facilitates these other avenues of communication. In addition, there are free letterhead templates available on the Internet to help you design your stationery.