The Characteristics of an Evangelist

The Bible provides plenty of detail on evangelical attributes.
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An evangelist is an individual "called" by the Christian God to preach and spread the message of repentance, forgiveness and salvation from Jesus Christ. Evangelists may be young or old, male or female, but virtually all possess certain characteristics that help make them respectable, effective and even admired members of the Christian church.

1 Godly Character

Evangelists tend to be open-hearted, generous individuals.
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Because evangelists work on God's behalf, they often strive to be like him in all that they do. For example, evangelists are typically kind, encouraging, forgiving and honest individuals. They put others first, pray for their enemies, and deal fairly in all things. Compassion, unconditional love for others and love for God are also important evangelical characteristics.

2 Talents and Intelligence

Many evangelists possess certain talents that help make them successful in ministry. For example, good speaking ability helps evangelists promote their faith or church, while a persuasive personality can help win followers for Christ. Evangelists also have strong, thorough knowledge of the Bible and are usually intelligent enough to discuss theological matters with those less knowledgeable.

3 Active Ministry

Evangelists may occasionally preach at their church.
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It is common for evangelists to take the message of Christ "to the streets," or simply well outside the church. Evangelists are often enthusiastic about ministering to prison inmates, at-risk youth and even complete strangers. They may engage in door-to-door witnessing or visit hospitals to minister to sick people. Additionally, because one of the duties of an evangelist is to find more evangelists, existing evangelists tend to be involved in youth and children's ministries at their church.

4 Gifts and Holiness

Evangelists are sometimes thought to possess special gifts, usually of healing, that indicate their special status in God's eyes. Or, they may have other particular gifts, such as the ability to communicate directly with God or to relay messages from God to others. Evangelists are also often holy individuals who are virtually free of self-pity, resentment, ill will and sadness; instead, they are filled with God's love and a desire to sacrifice all that they have for God.

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