This is how to easily make your term paper longer without the teacher noticing anything.

Open your term paper in word.... now I am assuming your paper is size 12 font in this and I bet your teacher said it can't be any different.

With that in mind we are going to change font size, but she won't be able to notice because we are only going to change the periods in your paper.

So do not have anything highlighted and go to the toolbar and click "edit" then go down and click "replace".

This brings up the find and replace box and you are going to put a "."(period) in both input boxes.

After you have done this click "More" then it will drop down and then highlight your bottom "." and click "Format" and then "Font".

Now you just select 14 for the font size and click "Ok"

Now you will be back to the orignal box and you need to click "Replace All".

It will then change all your periods to size 14, which is not even noticible, but makes a HUGE difference in your paper size. The great thing about this is strict teachers can't tell and it can make a 4 1/2 page paper turn into a 5 and it will increase it even more when you get into bigger papers.

Here is a print screen of the zoomed difference in the 12pt. and 14pt. periods. I zoomed here at a whopping 500% and you can only bearly tell a difference.


  • The more periods you have, the longer the paper length increase.