Speech Topics About Horses

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About 75 million horses roam the world, according to the Tahoe Meadows Equestrian Farm and speeches about them help people understand these powerful, yet majestic, animals that roam on farms in the countryside and race quickly around a track. In the United States alone, the horse industry contributes more than $100 billion to economy every year according to the American Horse Council.

1 Horse Racing

Speech topics about horse racing (also known as thoroughbred racing) across the United States create an endless amount of subject matter including gambling, its popularity and the race for the Triple Crown, racing’s most popular and widely watched events. Topics also include the money the racing industry pays into state budgets, its affect on nearby businesses and the tradition over the years. Speakers can also focus on the darker side of horse racing and write about treatment of horses, the drugs used to keep horses racing longer and what happens to them after they retire.

2 Health

Gearing speech topics about equine health to audiences of veterinarians, horse owners and those involved in the racing industry addresses current health issues and the latest information. Topics include caring for a horse’s teeth, bone spurs, horseshoes and dealing with pain management. Speakers also can address topics about vaccines, how to make sure horses eat a balanced diet, supplements and how to care for horses as they age. If using equine health topics for a non-medical audience, refrain from using technical language the audience may not understand. Preparing a list of resources and additional reading materials for the audience will help them better understand the topic.

3 Training

Putting together a speech about training horses for show covers topics about making them look their best, assessing their intelligence and how to best communicate with a horse. Topics also include techniques popular with one particular breed or what might work best in a short amount of time. In addition, speakers can address issues such as show fees, transporting horses from the farm to the show and learning how to best compete in a particular show circuit. These types of speeches work best from people who possess the experience of training a horse, especially in a question and answer session; people will often ask questions and a speaker should feel comfortable addressing just about any topic that may arise.

4 Mythology

Throughout history, mythology played a large role when it came to horses including the Trojan horse and mythological creatures like Centaur, half man and half horse. Speech topics about mythology and horses can address the history or a particular character or figure and how they played a role throughout time. Aside from the meaning and literature where horses played a role, speech topics about the artwork that corresponds with the mythology also makes for an interesting speech. Speakers can use artwork in a multimedia form to walk audiences through history..

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