Smart Board Punctuation Activities

When punctuation is a problem, Smart Board activities can help.
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Smart Board interactive white boards with Digital Vision Touch (DViT) technology take the boredom out of lessons by providing students with a hands-on, interactive way to learn. You and your classmates can make the most of your lesson time in just about any subject by drawing, writing, playing games, taking quizzes and exploring a variety of activities with a Smart Board. If punctuation is your Achilles heel, the Smart Board can help; whether you’re in an English class, a language arts or expository writing class or another subject that requires you to write, you can increase your understanding of punctuation (and have a little fun in the process) by doing Smart Board punctuation activities.

1 Master Commas (and Other Punctuation Marks) Through the Smart Exchange

If any particular punctuation mark gives you trouble, the Smart Exchange has activities to help you overcome it.
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Smart Notebook is a software suite that brings a variety of tools to the Smart Board platform. Using Smart Notebook, many teachers and students create their own classroom-friendly punctuation activities and then put those activities on the Smart Exchange, which is an online community that features thousands of Smart Notebook lessons available for download (link in Resources). Some of the activities are specific to a single punctuation mark, like the simple yet often-frustrating comma. If commas are a struggle for you, the Smart Exchange has activities that include a comprehensive comma lesson, a “Run-On Repair” activity and other interactive options (links in Resources). If you’d rather focus on other punctuation marks, you can find lessons on those topics, too. The Smart Exchange has hundreds of specific punctuation activities available, with new ones added regularly.

2 Explore Grammar Activities that Put Your Punctuation Proficiency to Work

Grammar and writing activities can help you become stronger at using punctuation correctly.
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Punctuation activities aren’t much use unless you have a way to apply your new found knowledge in larger areas. For this, the Smart Exchange offers a wide variety of grammar and writing activities that integrate punctuation with broader concepts so that you can become a stronger writer. Lessons like the Grammar Review and the Fused Sentence Fix-Up (links in Resources) are a great way to put punctuation to work in your writing. When you’re striving to expand your punctuation knowledge, activities like these give you and your fellow students a chance to use your skills in a hands-on, interactive fashion.

3 Create Your Own Punctuation Activities with Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook tools allow you to create the perfect punctuation activity.
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If you don’t see a punctuation lesson on the Smart Exchange that fits your needs or you simply have a great idea for a punctuation activity, you can use the Smart Notebook software to make your own. Smart Notebook includes tools like the Activity Builder, the Sound Recorder, a Web browser and several other features to help you craft the perfect activity for you and your class. Smart Notebook also comes with access to Gallery Essentials, which is a database of more than 7,000 objects like images, Flash files, clocks, video files, sound files that you can include in your punctuation project. Creating your own activity means focusing on the aspects of punctuation that you wish to work on the most, making it an ideal option for anyone struggling with particular punctuation rules.

4 Smart Response Lets You Check Your Progress

Smart Response lets you test your punctuation knowledge and get immediate feedback.
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If you’re looking for a method to check how well you and your class understand punctuation, you can use a Smart Response activity. Smart Response is an interactive system in which each student has a wireless keyboard or number pad device for typing answers to quizzes and tests. Once the answers are entered, the software goes to work grading the responses immediately, giving your teacher a report that details what concepts the class completely grasps, as well as which ones are still stumping the students. The Smart Exchange has dozens of Smart Response activities designed to test punctuation knowledge, so you can explore the exchange and find the activity you want to use (link in Resources).

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