You're out at a club, studying in the library or hanging out at the mall when you spy your guy checking out a cute girl. Even though he's with you, you're starting to wonder what his wandering eye means. If you see your guy gawking at other women -- whether he knows you're watching or not -- you can chalk it up to boyish behavior or confront him with your concerns.

Everyone Does It

The next time that a super-cute Ryan Gosling-type walks by, take stock of what your head does. Most likely, it turns as you gawk at the hottie. Why should your guy act any differently -- when the situation is reversed? It's common for a physically attractive person to get more attention than those who aren't quite so good looking, asserts social psychologist Sam Sommers in his article "The Magic Spell of a Pretty Face" on the "Psychology Today" website. As long as you trust your boyfriend and know that he's not looking for a new hook-up, consider his lustful looking a simple sign that a pretty girl walked by.

Control Issue

It's completely possible to restrain a wandering eye, notes Sommers. When your guy is constantly checking out every pretty face that walks by, let him know that it bothers you. Instead of speaking up in a public place, wait until the two of you are alone to have a serious conversation about his behavior. Provide him with examples that illustrate his wandering eye and say something such as, "I feel unimportant when you look at other girls in front of me." If he is truly into you, he'll snap back to reality and realize that other women don't compare. On the other hand, if he can't seem to control himself when it comes to checking others out, his actions may signal a bigger issue.

Trust and Jealousy

Feeling some jealousy is completely normal if you notice your beau's eyes are following a tall blond, suggests the article "Am I In a Healthy Relationship?" on the TeensHealth website. However, when jealousy gets out of control or you lack trust in your relationship, problems can come up quickly. For example, if you make unfounded accusations or start following your guy around to see if he's cheating, it's time to take stock of your feelings and your relationship.

Respect for You

When your guy gawks right in front of your face, he isn't showing you the respect that you deserve. Not only does your boyfriend need to respect your beliefs and values, but he also needs to show consideration when it comes to your relationship needs. If he's ignoring you while he checks out another woman, he's acting disrespectfully. Instead of letting it go, or fester inside of you, tell him that you don't appreciate his behavior the moment the two of are alone. For example, if you're at the mall, pull him aside so that you're out of other people's earshot or wait until you both get into your car. If he continues to check out the same, or another, woman, consider if the relationship is worth keeping.