How do I Score High on a Wonderlic Test?

Show your abilities on a Wonderlic test.

The Wonderlic test is intended to measure the test taker's general ability and intelligence level. This short test is often administered by human resources departments when screening potential candidates to fill job openings. If a high score on this test is all that stands between you and the job of your dreams, put some effort into preparing for this assessment to ensure that it serves as an accurate measurement of your skills.

Learn what to expect. The Wonderlic test consists of three types of questions, vocabulary-based questions, math questions that require the completion of simple calculations or the deriving of patterns and spacial reasoning questions which ask the test taker to consider the rotations of shapes. By learning what to expect before you take the test, you can better equip yourself to face the challenges it presents.

Complete practice tests. Select a free online practice test, like those listed in the resources section, or purchase a practice version of this test. Take the practice test just as you would an assessment itself to see how well you can expect to do on the exam.

Work quickly. When actually taking the Wonderlic assessment, you must move rapidly through the test as there are 50 questions and test takers are given 12 minutes to address them all. Be as accurate as possible, but move with haste through the exam to ensure you have time for all of the questions.

Skip over more challenging questions and move on to easier ones. Because time is not on your side when taking this assessment, it is advantageous to skip past overly challenging questions. If time remains, return to these queries that will require more attention. By skipping these challenging questions, you ensure that you have time to address all of the easy questions and earn as many points on the assessment as possible.

Eliminate obvious incorrect answers. This assessment is multiple choice, so before you select an answer, narrow down your pool of choices by eliminating incorrect answers that are obvious. Cross off any answer that appears to you to be completely out of the realm of possibility before selecting your answer.

Check your answers with time remaining. If you finish ahead of time, take advantage of the spare seconds and move back through the test, checking your work. With a quick re-check you may uncover a correctable error.

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