How to Ombre With Hot Pink

Demi Lovato rocks pink ombre in her blonde ponytail.
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While a full head of pink hair may be a little too extreme for many people, hot-pink ombre tips provide an equally appealing -- yet far less extreme -- way to jazz up your tresses. If you have medium to dark brown hair, or you want to ensure your tips will be vibrant pink, consider lightening your ends with a highlighting kit before you apply the dye. Follow the directions and times provided on your highlighting and dye kits for the best results.

  • 2-6 ponytail elastics
  • Towel
  • Rubber gloves
  • Highlighting kit
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Hot-pink hair dye
  • Timer or clock

1 Applying Highlighter

2 Section

Section your hair into two to six ponytails, based on the thickness of your hair. The sections should be small enough that you can evenly coat all of the hair. Secure an elastic on each ponytail 1 to 2 inches above the point where you want your ombre to start.

3 Cut one piece of foil

Cut one piece of foil for each section of hair. The foil should be large enough to fold over the entire portion of hair you plan to dye.

4 Drape an old towel around your shoulders to avoid stains

Drape an old towel around your shoulders to avoid stains. Put on rubber gloves to protect your skin.

5 Open the highlighting kit and mix highlighting and according to the kit's instructions

Open the highlighting kit and mix according to the kit's instructions. Hold a piece of foil in one hand and place the section of hair you want to dye on the center of the foil. Apply the highlighting solution carefully to the section of hair, using a brush if it's provided or your gloved fingers.

6 Fold the foil

Fold the foil lengthwise over the section of hair, then fold the bottom end of the foil up so the hair is completely covered. Continue with each section of hair, until all of your tips are highlighted and foiled.

7 Wait

Wait for the recommended time on your kit. You can unfold a single section and check your process every 5 minutes to prevent over-bleaching.

8 Remove your foils

Remove your foils. Rinse and wash your hair as instructed on your highlighting kit. Allow the water to run down your hair from the shaft to the ends to avoid transferring any highlighting solution on other portions of your hair. You should see a distinctly lighter tone -- if not, check the package to determine if and when it's safe to repeat the process. Allow hair to dry.

9 Applying Dye

10 Secure your hair in two

Secure your hair in two to six ponytail elastics, securing the elastic 1 to 2 inches over the point where you want the hot pink dye to begin.

11 Drape your towel

Drape your towel over your shoulders and wear gloves to protect your clothing and skin.

12 Mix your hot-pink dye according to the package directions

Mix your hot-pink dye according to the package directions. Using the brush provided or your gloved fingers, thoroughly coat one section below a ponytail band. The dye should be most concentrated at the very tips of your hair.

13 Twist the section

Gently twist the section of hair where you've applied the dye. This will help soften the line between where the dye ends and your natural hair color begins, preventing a harsh, two-tone effect.

Dye and twist each section of hair. Rinse carefully after the time recommended in the dye's instructions. Rinse downward from the shaft to the ends to avoid transferring pink dye to the rest of your hair. Wash and style as usual.

  • To avoid an adverse reaction to the dye, mix a small amount of the highlighter (if used) and the dye and apply them to a small, inconspicuous portion of skin. Wait 24 hours. If your skin becomes itchy, red or irritated, consider using a different product.
  • If you're not sure whether you should lighten your hair before you apply the hot-pink dye, try applying a small amount of dye to your un-lightened hair in an inconspicuous place, such as the back of your neck. If the color is satisfactory, you can skip the lightening step.

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