Police Etiquette: Saluting the Flag

Police officers in uniform render a military-style salute to the U.S. flag.
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American police officers not engaged in duties which make rendering a salute impractical should salute the U.S. flag under most circumstances. Police officers in uniform should stand at attention and render a military-style salute when the flag passes in a parade, when it is hoisted, when it is lowered and when the National Anthem is played.

1 Out of Uniform Officers

The manner in which police officers who are out of uniform or off duty salute the U.S. flag depends upon their military status. If they are veterans or current members of any branch of the U.S. military, including the Reserves or National Guard, they should render a military salute to the flag. If a police officer is out of uniform and has never served in the U.S. armed forces a civilian salute is sufficient. This means if the officer is a man, he should remove any headgear worn. All officers should then stand at attention, face the flag and place their right hands over their hearts.

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