What a Magnetic Bracelet Does for You

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For centuries magnets have been touted as healers of myriad conditions—everything from insomnia to aging. Magnetic bracelets are available in stainless steel and copper, depending on the type of relief you seek. Gauss measurement is used to describe magnet strength.

1 Gauss Measurements

The Gauss measurement is used to measure the magnetic properties of any item containing a magnetic field. Gauss measurements can be compared to carat weight in other types of jewelry. You can expect to pay more for a magnetic bracelet that has a higher Gauss measurement. The German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss developed a scientific theory of numbers and applied mathematic measurement for magnetism. His theory was able to define the strength of magnetic energy. Gauss strengths of magnetic bracelets run from around 1,000 to in excess of 3,000 Gauss.

2 How Magnetism Works

A magnetic bracelet can increase the electrical conductivity of the blood. As the magnetic current gets into the bloodstream, it increases the number of ions in the blood. Those ions contribute to the efficiency of the flow of blood and can produce a stabilizing effect on blood pressure, whether the pressure is high or low. The metabolic rate of cells, through protoplasm rejuvenation, is activated, resulting in lower tissue inflammation. The magnet’s negative pole interferes with pain neurotransmitters sent to the brain by nerve cells.

3 The History of Magnets and Healing

In order to preserve her youth, Cleopatra supposedly wore a magnetic amulet on her forehead, as seen in practically every picture of the pharaoh. Because of their alleged healing properties, magnets have been used throughout the ages and in several societies, including the Hebrews, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks.

In the 15th century there was a physician who supposedly possessed visionary insights named Paracelus, who has been recognized as bringing medicine to the Dark Ages. Paracelus used magnets extensively for healing.

4 Copper Magnetic Bracelets

It is suggested that the bracelet be about 1/2 inch larger than the wrist for the perfect fit.

Copper is supposed to be worn to provide relief of pain from arthritis. Copper bracelets have long been recommended as a natural remedy to ease arthritic pain, and copper contains medicinal properties as one of the body’s essential nutrients. Copper aids in the formation and repair of bone and skin; copper is a necessary nutrient for the nervous system and blood vessel elasticity, and aids in immune system function as well as in neutralizing free radicals.

5 Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets

The category of stainless steel magnetic bracelets includes those made of titanium and tungsten carbide.

While most magnetic bracelets provide basically the same type of relief from a variety of ailments and either can be used for their magnetic properties, copper has specific uses, as does stainless steel. Stainless steel magnetic bracelets relieve arthritic pain in the same way as copper, but stainless steel is also supposed to reduce swelling; relieve muscle pain, stiffness and pain from injuries; improve balance; and provide a general sense of well-being.

Formerly a teacher and consultant on computer operations and software applications for business schools, Andrea Carson is the owner and publisher of "Seniors of Las Vegas (SoLV)," a free magazine that deals strictly with issues involving senior citizens. Carson has a varied background that includes administrating nursing services, ad development, writing novels and screenplays and ghostwriting.