Memory Games for College Students

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Training the brain with memory games may help college students do better on tests so they can achieve better grades. Our sensory organs, such as our eyes and ears, send messages to the brain where we absorb the information for later recall. Most memory games utilize more than one sensory organ, which makes remembering information easier. Playing memory games may help you recall information quicker and with more accuracy.

1 Mnemonics

Mnemonics, or memory techniques, are tools people use to help them remember information. Mnemonics tools such as games, rhymes, songs, mental images, stories, humor, symbols, association, codes, sounds, smells, taste, touch and location send information to the brain in multiple ways which is more effective than just one method. Games use many types of memory techniques useful to college students while studying. Look for memory games most helpful to your learning style. For example, a rhyming game might be more effective for you than a visual game. Later, while studying, utilize what you learned in the memory game.

2 Story Game

Creating a story is a game that helps train your brain to recall items or information. Have someone fill a tray with 20 random items. While studying the items, create a story in your mind using all of the items. It’s okay if the story is silly and does not make sense; just use your imagination to visualize the story in your head. Cover the tray, and write your story down on a piece of paper. This same story memory game can be used with a list of words or facts you must memorize for class.

3 Location Game

Take a walk around your house and find 10 places where you can put things such as cupboards, drawers, shelves, trashcans, under the bed, in the bathtub, in a hamper, in the refrigerator or on the kitchen table. Take the walk again in the same order as last time to make sure you remember all of the 10 locations you chose. Sit down in a chair and visualize the walk around the house and think about each location in your mind. Now use the locations to place the things you want to remember. You can walk around the house and say the fact out loud and pretend you are putting it in the location, and then sit down and visually walk around and put the information in the same 10 locations again. Get a piece of paper and write down all 10 facts with ease while you mentally take your walk around your house pulling out the information.

4 Online and Computer Games

Play online or computer memory games to increase your ability to recall information. You can find free memory games available on many different types of websites such as colleges, car insurance companies, school districts, and scientific websites. Take tests and quizzes online to see if you have good short-term memory skills. Play memory games to improve and keep your mentally abilities sharp.