Because iMovie is shipped with a variety of animated text options, including selections with exploding text effects, creating an exploding text block for your iMovie video project is really quite straightforward. The text effects are available in the program's Title screen, where you can preview the text animation choices, and then select an effect that approximates the explosion you want to display. Place the effect in your timeline, and then type the text to display in your clip.

Step 1

Open the video project to edit in iMovie.

Step 2

Click the “Text” option in the left sidebar to open the Title screen. A panel of thumbnails for animated text effects displays on the left side of the screen.

Step 3

Hover the mouse over each thumbnail to view the text effect in the right Preview panel. When you find a text effect you want to use, drag the effect into the video timeline.

Step 4

Drag the mouse over the text effect in the timeline. The text becomes editable in a box in the right panel.

Step 5

Type your text in the box in the right panel. The text displays on your timeline.

Step 6

Move the playhead to the beginning of the text effect, and then click “Play” to view the text explosion in the preview window.