It is important for educators to develop teaching strategies that keep students engaged. When students are not actively engaged in classroom activities, they become bored. This can lead to disruptive behavior and lackluster grades. Students perform best when their learning atmosphere is exciting. To engage students in the classroom, you must prepare lessons that keep students active during the learning process.

Use peer teaching. Students enjoy working with and learning from each other. Create peer groups of three to five students and give each group a task. Have student groups present their task and solution to the class. Allow time for questions and answers after each presentation.

Incorporate technology into your lessons. Using technology increases students' interest and keeps them engaged. Instead of lecturing, present new information using PowerPoint presentations. Use interactive computer lessons instead of reading from textbooks. Allow your students to conduct research using the Internet and let them create charts and graphs using Excel.

Incorporate games into your lessons. Playing games keeps students attentive and engaged. Find fun, educational games to accompany your lesson plans. Choose games that test students' knowledge while allowing them to be competitive.