The Best Speech Topics for Kids

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Children in school are often assigned a speech as part of their curriculum. Though the subject of some speeches is dictated by the class, when children study speech as a topic, they can select their own speech topics. The best speeches for children vary depending on the child and his personal interests, as well as the type of speech required, but some speeches are always appropriate for school and are enjoyable for children to research.

1 Recess Speech Topic

Recess is a topic of debate; some schools have eliminated it from the school day. After researching the experience of schools that have eliminated recess, students can tell why they think recess is important and why schools should include a recess time.

2 Making Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

When students are asked to give a demonstration speech, they must teach others how to perform a skill. Even young children can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, making this an ideal speech topic. The child can interview a parent as a source of information and then show her classmates how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The child can even give samples to the audience (check with the teacher first in case any peanut allergies are present).

3 Funny Story Topic

Informational speech topics can range from giving facts about an animal to giving information about the child himself. Children can give a funny speech about their most embarrassing moment, something funny their dog or cat does, or even a funny event that happened to them. This topic is variable based on the child’s experiences, but it can make the class laugh, keeping the child from getting too nervous about the speech.

4 Animation or Cartoons as an Art

Children enjoy watching animated movies or cartoons. As a persuasive speech, children might use this interest to argue about whether animation or cartoons are an art, and why. Students can research various animation or cartoon styles, the type of education required to work as an animator in a studio, and opinions in the art community. This topic is children of all ages and speech experience.