A compliment letter is a thoughtful way to show the appreciation you have for the exceptional customer service you received. Working in a service industry can be very stressful, and employees that go above and beyond to make customers happy need recognition for their hard work and good attitudes. More often, people save letter-writing for complaints about poor service — sending a compliment letter puts some positive energy out there and may even aid a good employee in receiving an award or promotion.

Gather the appropriate information about the employee who helped you. Call the business and get the employee's full name, the name of the employee's direct supervisor, and the mailing address of that supervisor. For a store or small business, ask for the name of the employee's manager or the business's owner. For a larger corporation, contact the Human Resources department to determine who should receive the letter.

Choose the right stationery. A handwritten note card is fine for a smaller and more casual business. A computer-generated letter is appropriate for both small businesses and corporate organizations. If you are a vendor or a business-owner, use your company's letterhead.

Sending an email is also appropriate in many cases, as long as the email address goes directly to the correct person or department — don't send compliment letters to general-inquiry addresses.

Articulate clearly the reason for your letter and give a brief summary of the exceptional service or positive interaction. Be specific, though refrain from mentioning any special discounts or deals the employee gave you unless you're certain the higher-ups would approve — you don't want to accidentally get the employee in trouble for offering an unauthorized discount. Keep it brief — a paragraph or two is typically sufficient.

Include your contact information in the letter. Most companies send a response letter in appreciation of your effort and may also inform you of their plans to award the employee.


  • As a courtesy, you may provide the employee with a copy of your letter.