How to Write a Personal Note. In an era of instant messaging, email and cell phones, a personal note is a refreshing, change, especially for the recipient. Whether you're sending a thank you, condolences or congratulations, a handwritten note on beautiful paper is always appreciated. Write the perfect, memorable personal note.

Write as soon as the occasion arises. A timely note has more impact.

Choose the best quality paper. A personal note is a gift to the recipient and should be "wrapped" in fine paper. Personalized or monogrammed stationery lends a nice touch.

Focus on the content. Look for the emotional connection to lead your to writing: "It means so much to Jim and I that you were able to come to the wedding" or "I've always thought you were a great manager."

Keep it short. A personal note isn't lengthy. Your message should be to the point and sincere.

Start off with the reason for the note. "Thank you for the candlesticks" or "Congratulations on your promotion." Keep the writing focus on the recipient.

Decide on an ending, before you begin writing. "We will think of you every time we use the wine glasses" or "I wish you well in your new position."


  • Consider writing out your note on plain paper before committing it to your fine stationery. By working out your words first, you'll save paper. Don't start a note by apologizing for your tardiness.