How to Write a Curriculum Proposal

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Curriculum approval in a particular school district requires a series of steps. The key component of obtaining approval involves creating a strong curriculum proposal. This written proposal should only be about one page, since administrators will not want to read a massive document. You can effectively propose your curriculum idea by following a recommended format.

1 Start with the header

Start with the header. Write “Proposal for a course in XYZ.” This will quickly identify the purpose of your document to the reader.

2 Write a brief course description

Write a brief course description. This should be no more than one paragraph. For example, “This course examines issues in modern-day feminism. We will take a look at the historical development of this movement in the United States, starting with the founding of the nation. Students will develop an understanding of the movement and ultimately create a final project in the form of a DVD.”

3 Write the proposed readings

Write the proposed readings. Parents and administrators like to know exactly what materials will be used in a course. You need to gain approval of your materials for the course. You can break this up into themes of your course. Give a proposed timeline for communicating your lessons to the class.

4 Include your contact information

Include your contact information. Let the administrators know that you can be reached at any time and will be more than happy to meet in person to go over the contents of the course.

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