How to Work With Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a powerful angel that can help release fears.

Archangel Michael can be called upon to assist you in daily endeavors as well as during major life events. Michael is an archangel prevalent in numerous religious traditions and needs no specific affiliation in order to provide help. According to the spiritual law of free will, angelic guides are not allowed to interfere in your life without permission unless you are involved in a life-threatening situation before it is your time to die. Believers can invoke Archangel Michael for overall protection or for help with certain tasks related to his specialty areas, such as life purpose and mechanical tasks.

Start with one problem. Decide upon one life area or situation in which you would like Archangel Michael to assist. Michael's attributes and associations include personal, family, and global protection; increase in strength and courage; removal of negative energetic attachments and fixing technical, mechanical or electrical problems.

Ask Archangel Michael for help. You can verbally call upon Michael, use a journal to write an invocation or set an intention to receive divine guidance through dreams or synchronicity in waking life.

Observe for signs from Archangel Michael. Michael has an impressive, often palpable, spiritual presence. He may indicate that he is listening and is available as a guide through physical, psychic or mental and emotional means. For example, you may see the name Michael on a billboard, hear the word "angel" loudly in one ear or feel a strong sense of overall peace.

Open yourself to receiving Archangel Michael's guidance. Michael may send messages in the form of repetitive or consecutive signs. Pay extra attention to those that occur as three similar coincidences in a short time span, such as overhearing a conversation that seems to speak directly to you, suddenly realizing the next best step to take and seeing an actual sign that reads "Go for it!"

Follow through with angelic guidance. Archangel Michael may encourage you through intuitive wisdom or a gut feeling to seek relationships that are of integrity, to overcome your fears by making lifestyle changes and to stand up for what you believe is healthy and honorable for your situation. Express gratitude for Michael's assistance and use his direction to improve your life.

Alice Landry currently writes for "Living New Magazine", "Suite101", "Examiner", and Demand Studios. She teachers others how to heal their lives through personal growth and development and holistic wellness. She has certifications in medical intuition, Reiki, angelic guidance, and meditation. Landry holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Louisiana State University.