How to Find Your Soul Urge Number and What It Means

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Fascination with numbers and their significance led to the development of numerology. Numerology originated in Ancient Egypt and Babylon over 10,000 yeas ago. Pythagoras, an ancient Greek mathematician and scholar, formally established the practice of numerology.

Numerologists believe that numbers contain spiritual energy and that by knowing your personal numbers, you can gain insight into yourself and your future. One number calculated by numerologists is the heart’s desire or soul urge number. According to numerologists, the soul urge number reveals your true desires and offers insight into the dreams and motivations most closely aligned with your inner spirit.

1 Finding Your Soul Urge Number

2 Write your full name on the piece of paper

Write your full name on the piece of paper. Use your given name at birth, not a nickname or married name.

3 Print the entire alphabet below your name

Print the entire alphabet below your name. Beneath each letter, write down the corresponding number, using only numbers one through nine. For example, write “1” below “A,” “2” below “B,” “1” below “J,” “2” below “k”, etc. You will use this chart when calculating your soul urge number.

4 Write the number

Write the number that corresponds with each vowel of your name beneath the letter of your name. Use your chart to determine the corresponding letters. Vowels are "a," "e," "i," "o,” "u" and sometimes “y”. “Y” is considered a vowel if it is the only vowel in a syllable. “Y” is considered a consonant when paired with another vowel. An example of “y” used as a vowel is the name Yvette; an example “y” used as a consonant is the name Yaasmin.

5 Add up the numbers

Add up the numbers beneath your name using a calculator. Keep adding the results until you obtain a cardinal number, one through nine, or a master number 11 or 22. This is your soul urge number.

6 Interpreting Your Results

7 Interpret the meaning

Interpret the meaning of your soul urge number. The cardinal numbers, one through nine each have specific traits associated with them. Master numbers are 11 and 22 and they have additional meanings associated with them.

8 Check to see if your soul urge number

Check to see if your soul urge number is a cardinal number. One signifies an independent nature, a pioneering spirit and the desire to lead others. Two represents a person who is sensitive and emotional, desires harmony, and is naturally diplomatic and conflict averse. People whose number adds up three are naturally artistic, expressive, witty and creative. Four indicates an honest and analytical nature as well as an organized and systematic approach to life. The number five suggests a desire freedom and love for change, socializing and new adventures. People with a six soul urge number are though to be domestic, compassionate to the point of self-sacrifice, and extremely loving towards close friends and family. Sevens are characterized by intelligence, a theoretical nature and a deep love for knowledge. Number eight individuals possess visionary insight, ambition and desire material success and wealth. Nine individuals are considered idealistic humanitarians who deeply desire to have a significant positive impact on the entire world.

9 Determine if your soul urge number

Determine if your soul urge number is a master number. Master numbers offer both high levels of potential as well as significant challenges. The number 11 signifies an extreme of the number two with the added potential of a master number. People with an 11 soul urge are extremely intuitive and sensitive and they seek harmony, peace and enlightenment. The master number 22 indicates an individual with both inventiveness and practical ability. Although often late bloomers, those with a 22 are often able to achieve enormous goals and become the leaders of large projects and enterprises.

10 Evaluate whether or not you

Evaluate whether or not you have any karmic debt numbers associated with your soul urge number. Karmic debt numbers found in the soul urge number represent additional life challenges or burdens that must be overcome before you can fulfill your deepest desires. Karmic debt numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19. The karmic debt numbers are calculated based on the numbers you added together to obtain your soul urge number. Examples of karmic debt numbers would be 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 or 19/1. A karmic debt number of 13 posses challenges to completing tasks and a tendency to procrastinate. However, the effects can be overcome with focus, consistency and order. The challenge for individuals with a 14 karmic debt number is constant change and overindulgence in life's pleasures. It can be overcome through commitment to goals and maintaining internal stability. The person with a 16 karmic debt number is likely to become egotistical and isolated because they look down on others. Overcome this number by allowing yourself to be humbled and accepting that powers greater than yourself exist. A tendency to refuse help and remain struggling alone is a challenge for those with a 19 karmic debt number. The way to overcome this number is to accept that people are interconnected and allow other people's help and love.

11 Apply your soul urge number to situations In your personal life

Apply your soul urge number to situations In your personal life. Attempt to gain insight into these situations based on the information that you have just discovered.